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I question how you figure out how many steps taken among other inaccuracies.I also began on May 21 a million step walk to honor my son, who at 13 was diagnosed with diabetes and who at 23 took his own life, not only because of the disease, but other mental issues.I have friends with them and they also believe I got a bad one.

I was forever checking to see if the Fitbit was still on my wrist, but inevitably it fell off and I lost if for good.The issue is we can not register it without another email account. your instructions should say this up front.

Had an issue with the band on my charger and within 5 mins a replacement is on its way.The delivery was prompt but wrong size were delivered (small instead of large).Since I bought my fitbit Charge HR last month I have not been able to pair it with Bluetooth hence not able to settle account n functions properl.I averaged at least 10 kilometres per day and I am going to be 76 in another 8 days time.

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This is very annoying.And now you changed up the active minutes.I cannot get my sleep pattern on my mobile l have exchanged my fitbit but still having same problem.Our students come from a low socio-economic area and parents are not able to financially afford trackers for their children.

The part that houses battery and piece that you push to show data broke off of my charge HR.I noticed last night my flex was flat,I never received an email saying it was flat so I put it on charge all night.It is almost march and I am still not able to get to work this silly fitbit.I have the fitbit charge hr Please contact me about getting this replaced.However I have now stopped wearing it due to the fact that the device needs charging every day.

The original fitbit charge that I purchased from the website did not work.I am contacting Fitbit today because students at our elementary school in Northern Ontario will be participating in a fitness challenge for the month of June (2017).Now I have a messed up computer, bing on it I cant get off. and now very slow.The cover that covers the button fell off.I had lost the receipt and assumed lost cause.Turns out it will be replaced at no cost.

I spoke with a young woman named Celena who could not have been more helpful.I have tried to solve my problem on you website, not finding anything close to an answer.

Only phone number in America, I should have rung while I was there but I expected good service in Australia.If your device is not syncing or is having other issues, typically restarting the device will correct it.Excellent service tracker was not working are sending a new one.

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Fitbit User Guide, Fitbit Manual, Fitbit Tutorial, Fitbit Setup, Fitbit Flex User Manual.She asked me my problem and immediately set about helping me.I hope you will work in this area to make your product function as it should in tracking.

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The fitbit present to my mom was purchased in MARCH and less than five months, it is no longer working.